Secret Party Quest 2022

Venetian Masquerade Edition

Secret Party Quest 2022

Secret Party Quest 2022

Venetian Masquerade Edition


Placemaking Activations

Placemaking Activations & Consulting

Innovative approach to transform the urban spaces into fun inclusive places!

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Team Building Services by Papaya Stories

Team-building services

Experience more fun and connection within your team

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Yana Kirakovskaya Public Speaker

Green Pavlova 2022

Papaya Stories: The World of Infinite Game


Silent Disco Skaters by Papaya Stories

Silent Disco Events & Audio Walks

City walks, clean ups, beach grooves and more

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Silent Disco Kids Adventure Minecraft

Silent Disco Kids Adventures

30 min interactive play sessions for young and young at heart

Our Projects

SlumberParty-by Papaya Stories Henderson Sloth and Sculpture

Slumber Party

as a part of Auckland Arts Festival 2022

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International Women's Day by Papaya Stories

“Women in the City” Audio Walk

Join now and Celebrate International Women's Day!


Rise and Shine Morning Groovy Beach Sessions

Groovy Beach Series

Join our February events!

Our Projects

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