Silent Disco Citywalk®

Henderson Edition.

February 27, 2019 / Yana Papaya / 2 comments

Thanks to the Henderson-Massey Local Board and Panuku Development funding, our creative thinking, in-depth planning, bags of enthusiasm, Papaya Stories team was able to bring up to 60 people together and celebrate the launch of the new bespoke route and unique experience – Silent Disco Citywalk® Henderson Edition. 

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Check out the video, colourful photographs and inspiring words below from the event to see what sort of magic, human connection, joy and creativity we are sharing with the community around us.

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Silent DIsco Citywalk Henderson, Community, entertainment, well beling, new zealand travel, auckland travel, what to do in auckland, auckland events

Have you ever been to Henderson? Do you know anything about its rich history, cultural heritage and natural treasures? Our multi-sensory 90-min walking experience was designed in a way to inspire locals and anyone outside of the area to dive into the history, culture, and connect to the nature; explore and interact with the public or cultural spaces with the help of music, great entertainment and Silent Disco of course thanks to our key partner, Audio Vault Events. It seems like we did well as our audience members were highly entertained and struggled to choose only one favourite bit.

“It was generally fun. But I liked when we were at the little Art place with bicycles (Kakano Youth Arts Collective Pop-up Gallery) and I stopped dancing for a little bit.  One girl Elena decided to teach me some dance moves, and that was fun.” – Adam Millen.

Silent DIsco Citywalk Henderson Edition



The Silent Disco Citywalk®Henderson Edition walk starts outside of the WestCity shopping Mall, goes through Henderson Town Centre, with a few interactive stops and surprises happening along the way – Kakano Youth Arts Collective Pop-Up Gallery, Falls Hotel, Corban Estate Arts Centre, finishes at the Japanese Garden.

“We visited parts of Henderson which we had never known about previously and, yes, it was so much fun.   Both June and I felt alive after dancing for what seemed to be a short time! We feel nothing but inspiration for what Papaya Stories are offering to everyone from young to old. It is all about community and supporting each other.” – Roslyn Oates.






The event’s theme explores the connection between the Past, Present and Future of the area, community and humanity in general.  The music and entertainment playlist contains all sorts of music hits from old school to new school. Plus, when our group comes to Corban Estate Arts Centre the pop-up performing act is there surprise the audience. We came up with the idea of the dance battle between Miss Past (Yana Papaya dances to Jazz Music), Miss Present (Tatsiana Paliakova Dances to Hip Hop) and Miss Future (Anna Egorova dances to Futuristic Electro).

“My favourite bit would definitely have to be that dance show that you guys put on. Was entertaining, exciting, was nice for people to sit and watch for a bit and then have that bit of a vote to include. The Mexican wave was cool on the bridge was cool too.” – Hannah Baker.












Keen to find out who won the battle? Make sure to come along to our next FREE Silent Disco Citywalk® Henderson Edition that will take place in February 2019. Date and time – TBC.

Silent Disco Citywalk® Henderson edition gives the audience the chance to unlock the diverse potential of Henderson, explore new cool areas, shift the perception of how the urban and public spaces can be used, as well as promoting walking sustainable lifestyle.




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Thanks to our sponsors, BLUNT Umbrellas, the best umbrellas in the Galaxy, Silent Disco Citywalk® is a Rain or Shine event.

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