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Panmure - 2 Nov 2019

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While the whole world was into Halloween, we decided to celebrate Panmure and everything it has to offer. We got together with a bunch of awesome like-minded people and furry friends at the Panmure Train Station on 2 November to enjoy a city adventure like no other – Silent Disco Citywalk® .

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Thanks to our partnership with Panuku Development we were able to organise a FREE community event to share a new entertaining perspective on the area.

Since our last Silent Disco Citywalk® in April 2019 Panmure has been going through a lot of changes – iconic sign removal, road works and urban changes. We had to do a few tweaks. Nevertheless we stayed faithful to the current event’s theme – Making Choices and invited the audience to explore that concept with us.

Each of the participants received a golden coin that they could use in many ways during the walk.

coin in an envelope

“Flip a coin, listen to your gut feeling, follow the sign and choose a route of your journey.” – that’s what we told our audience who were able to choose a route of their walk. The choice was the following: a mindful walk around Panmure Basin with a movement and singing bowls session with Brian Berneman or an upbeat walk around the Town Centre, hidden spots and graffiti surprises. No matter what route you have chosen, all Silent Disco Citywalks® lead to the Stone Cottage.

Walking Audio Tours Auckland

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Qi Gong movement in the park - Auckland

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Panmure Basin a walking group

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Silent Disco City Walk

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Silent Disco City walk Panmure

Other spontaneous surprises were happening along the way.
Luckily we were able to capture some of them on the camera.

How about that little boy who gave us all a lesson on how to do the breakdance at the playground.

Little boy doing breakdance at the playground - Auckland

Dancing together in headphones at the Auckland playground

Isn’t he adorable?

Or how about that gentleman who rolled with us along Queens Road.

Happy person on the wheelchair in Auckland

You can’t describe all the beautiful moments of connection, positive energy we shared around.

But here comes the feedback from our beloved audience about the Silent Disco Citywalks®. Thank you, guys!

“Music and dance is so good for the soul ❤️ we got to do an urban adventure around Panmure – weaving through buildings and alley ways, with a few surprises along the way.” – Andrew Tui

unknown graffiti artists - street culture Auckland

Halotherapy - salt room meditation

“My favourite part of the walk was the amazing stops we made on the way – graffiti room and salt room. Stopping by in the Salt room and listening to the meditative song was such a great and unexpected change in the relatively fast urban pace. It made me think how easy it is to be lost in the busy schedule of our life and forget to stop for a moment to breath and enjoy the surroundings. “ – Rimma

Happy people during Silent Disco Auckland events

Dance on the street Silent Disco Auckland

“We loved the experience. It was well thought through and catered for a range of people. It was fun and the playlist worked well. Our tweenie did want to listen to her own version of music – but she got into it eventually. Thanks again – appreciate your enthusiasm.” – Pat, Tom Mitchell and a spotty doggie

Dogs love Silent Disco New Zealand


What is Silent Disco Citywalks®? Why is it so awesome?

Silent Disco Citywalks® hits Auckland streets, hidden corners, parks, car parks, exciting public spaces and city objects. Therefore it is an energetic outdoor multi-sensory experience that gives a new perspective on the city. It sparks curiosity, gives the sense of freedom and joy. The special vibe at the event is provided by our dance guides. In addition, we design the pre-recorded entertainment audio programme full of interesting stories, jokes, positive affirmations and music that everyone in a group hears at the same time.

The sky is the limit and our event is accessible to everyone from 5 to 85 years old. Therefore, the walk brings diverse people together who together play games, discover new public spaces, learn about the area and dance along to favourite music tunes. Above all, it makes everyone smile. In other words, Silent Disco Citywalks®is a place for connection, self-expression, freedom and joy!

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Keen to organise a Silent Disco Citywalks®in your area? or city?
Make sure to get in touch with us!

Email us at papayastories@gmail.com to learn more about personalised silent disco package and how we can make it happen.

Dance, like no one is watching…

Dance and Walk Fun Engaging Outdoor Auckland Events

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Photography by Katherine Brook and Sasha Aks

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Video by Denis Frylov


Silent Disco Citywalks® Panmure is funded by Panuku Development