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December 2, 2019 / Yana Papaya / 0 comments

Silent Disco Citywalk® is a 60-90-min fun team-building activity like no other. Available for small groups (up to 8 people) to large groups (up 60 people).

Price options and packages vary. The Silent Disco Citywalk®team-building package for the group of 10 starts at $750.
Please contact the team at papayastories@gmail.com to get a quote for your group.


What makes Silent Disco Citywalk® a great team-building activity?

It helps with stress management and mental fitness.
As we spend the whole hour  away from the desk or the familiar working environment, we hit the “restart” button in our brain  which in the long-term positively affects the productivity levels. As a group we get outdoors, breathe the fresh air, wander around the city, explore new places and move our bodies to a pre-recorded music soundtrack. Trust us, Silent Disco Citywalk®is a beautiful thing!

Learn and accept each other as real people
Music is the universal language that help us to bond with each other like nothing else. It’s so vital for employees to have a space (outside of work) where they can be seen in a different light. Silent Disco Citywalk®provides this space and supportive environmental to let go and experience the physical and emotional freedom.

A safe playground for personal development and self-expression
Silent Disco Citywalk® transforms the city into the dance floor and its participants into the street performers. You will discover new parts of yourself that are ready to be fully expressed with zero judgement from your peers. Dance like no one is watching. Deepen your self-awareness, practice self-acceptance, grow empathy and show support towards each other. Break free and enjoy each other company in public spaces and see how the world is going to respond.

Create new memories  and make it a meaningful experience for your team by asking us to personalise the audio playlist (so we will add your team’s favourites songs), or adapting the route of the adventure.

Team Building Activity Dancing in pairs

Holding hands together - People in a circle

What is Silent Disco Citywalk®? And how does it work?


It is a a 60-minutes or 90-minutes energising and interactive city tour around Auckland where everyone in a group connected through the headphones and pre-recorded audio programme. We can also create an indoor experience depending on your office location or specific requirements.

The special vibe at the event is provided by our dance guides and guest performers. Each participant hears the same music playlist and pre-recorded programme that includes fun games, activities, jokes and riddles that encourage people to get together and interact with each other within a group. Each route and experience has its own theme and audio programme.

Freedom during the Silent Disco Citywalk

We’ll sort you out with wireless headphones, do a quick group warm up and run a health & safety briefing before the event. Then we’ll invite your group to take a walk on the wild side and get loose while listening to the music and voice commentary in the headphones.

Audio Programme

Each route has a theme. The theme reflects in the songs, musical background we choose and the voice commentary we record for this or that programme. For example, the Glow in the Dark edition is guided by Darth Vader and the music theme is inspired by the Maramataka calendar. Our Kroad route represents the conversation between right and left brain, while the Britomart-Newmarket adventure is inspired by Black Mirror TV Series and narrated by the Future Self.

Keen for a new audio programme? Great! For additional cost  we are happy to adapt the audio programme to your needs, wants and music favourites. We can also come up with a new theme and tell your business story in a unique way. How about this for the employee engagement?  

Price options and packages vary. Please contact the team at papayastories@gmail.com to get a quote for your group.

Team-Building Activity in Auckland

Available City Routes in Auckland

Currently there are six routes available in Auckland. Each route has its own theme, music playlist, entertainment programme and surprises. Click the links below to learn more about each route and its theme.

ROUTE #1 – Victoria Park – Silo Park
ROUTE #2 – Britomart – Newmarket (includes a trip on a train)
ROUTE #3 – Henderson Edition
ROUTE #4 – Kroad Extravaganza
ROUTE #5 – Panmure Edition
ROUTE #6 – Silo Park – Queens Wharf – Glow in the Dark Edition

Keen to update the route? Easy! We are able to design a tailored route that is somehow connected to your business or its mission – ie. think of your office location, production site; or the opposite takes you away from your working environment – think of a park, beach or unused rooftop carpark. The potential is endless.

Price options and packages vary. Please contact the team at papayastories@gmail.com to get a quote for a team-building activity.


What are the best times to book the Silent Disco Citywalk®?

Thinking about your working hours and office routine, we suggest considering the following times for the team-building activity:

  1. Forget about the coffee. Let the Silent Disco Citywalk®Morning Rave wake you up. Book anytime from 7AM till 10AM, walk the city as it is slowly waking up to your moves and upbeat grooves. Works like magic from November till May.
  2. Swap your lunch break and get an endorphine fix by taking part in an energising adventure anytime from 12-2PM. Please note this option might be a bit too hot during summer but a perfect option for the winter walk from May till October.
  3. Let the Silent Disco Citywalk® be a final chord of your working day. Shake off the stress and get active by booking this team-building activity anytime from 5.30PM – 8PM.

Get in touch via email – papayastories@gmail.com  to ask your questions, find out more and get a quote for your team-building event.


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