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Dining out with World Icons

Invite your favourite historical figure, artist or celebrity for dinner!

March 23, 2020 / developer / 0 comments

Dine Out Event Series builds a bridge between the famous people and culture of the country they represent.

Inspired  by the famous question “Who would you invite for dinner – dead or alive?” these event series invites you to dine out with one of the artist’s world icons and explore the traditional cuisine alongside.

Time travel with an exclusive multi-sensory immersive entertainment by choosing a time period or a public figure that you’ve been always interested in. The personalised experience last up to 3 hours and can include multiple characters. 

Dine Out Event Series is an intimate gathering of people equally interested in arts & culture, food and new experiences. Each event has its own “flavour” and immersive atmosphere as the actor, dress up as the character, will re-enact the chosen celebrity and entertain guests by sharing stories, anecdotes of their time and reflecting on what life has become these days. Each world icon (actor) has its own storytelling routine as well as a list of activities that everyone is doing in the group.

Feel free to choose from the world icons list below or inquire about the character you would like to see for your corporate function or birthday celebration event, or festival. We are working along with famous actors across New Zealand, so we are sure that we will be able to bring any world icon back to life. Please email us – papayastories@gmail.com to discuss it further. 

If you’re a Warhol fan, you’re invited to share an intimate evening with Warhol himself. Dine at a mystery restaurant and enjoy an interactive actors performance, reenacting the quirky Andy Warhol.

Dinner with Warhol - dining out with world icons

If you’d fancy a date night with Frida Kahlo and a Mexican feast like no other, then click here to find out more. With storytelling and entertainment from Frida and actors performing an interactive experience, you’ll be fully immersed. Plus, many drinks and fiery Mexican eats to go around.

Dinner with Frida - by Papaya Stories

For those looking for a classy brunch, join Coco Chanel for breakfast. With just 25 people, this will be an intimate gathering and guaranteed entertainment, with storytelling and live acting to enjoy. Come with an empty stomach and a craving for delicious French treats.

Dining out with world icons Coco Chanel

All of these events are small and intimate and run for up to two hours. Various dietary options will also be available on each menu. Contact Papaya Stories team to discuss it further – papayastories@gmail.com or call Yana on 022 438 78 06

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