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Escape Room Zoom - Click here for more details.

May 14, 2020 / developer / 0 comments


Online Interactive Quest “Escape Room Zoom” is a 1-hour online interactive live show built on the power of interactive storytelling and represents an intermix of theatre, social improvisation, dance and video game. Currently the experience is facilitated via ZOOM platform and it is catered for up to  50-80 people per show of various ages across New Zealand.


The quest story is based on the hostile relationships between two clans. The first clan is run by Giuseppe L’uomo while Paolo La Barba is in charge of the second clan. To enter the online quest the audience is prompted to make the choice and join either of clans by clicking one of the links provided beforehand. By choosing a certain clan the audience follows one of two storylines that happen simultaneously during the online performance. 

Each of the clans has loyal partners and family members. Giuseppe’s skeptical nature makes him trust only one person – Fonzo D’angelo, his childhood friend. While Paolo La Barba achieved enormous success in town and all around Italy thanks to his charming personality and luxurious beard, his main asset and symbol of dominance. Paolo La Barba is married to his gorgeous wife Francesca. He also has a friend Giacomo Casanova who is hired to disrupt Guissepe’s online operation with his silly pranks and jokes. Paola La Barba is rich and famous, who can afford buying anything and anyone. He even managed to hire a private dancer Tati who secretly develops affection for one of the Guiseppe’s people – Fonzo D’Angelo. What an italian drama! 

The story is full of interesting twists that immerse the audience into the show fully and keep them engaged till the end. Despite the fact that the story relies on stereotypes about the italian mafia and business, the live show is full of humour, jokes and comical elements that shed a positive light on the story and characters.

Check out the trailer below to meet our characters:


The goal of the game is to collect a password and 5 clues. Once all required data is collected, it needs to be inserted into the final combination that allows it to unlock and enter the final virtual ZOOM room. This is the virtual space where all characters and participants meet, where the final performance, group dance and social improv scene takes place. The first person who solves the quest and gets into the final ZOOM room first, wins the prize. The prize will be provided by the Papaya Stories team and local sponsors that we are planning to approach. 

In order to collect the clues the audience needs to to travel from one virtual room to another. As a result they visit 5 virtual rooms, watch individual performances, meet and interact with 6 characters (actors and dancers). 


After conducting and evaluating this event series, Papaya Stories would like to continue running online interactive quests on a fortnightly or monthly basis. However, new elements such as story development (related to Matariki), collaborations with other arts groups, implementation of new art forms and usage of a different technological software will be considered in the future project development. This strategic and creative thinking allows us to keep it fresh and interesting and thus reinforce relationships with our loyal audience; and also help to reach out to new audience members that were not able to target before.

Online Interactive Quest idea is a result of the proactive response in terms of how the original idea delivered in physical space and time was transformed into the digital space and successfully delivered. Moreover, we can foresee the positive development of how this project can evolve into something bigger. Entering the market of video or online games, the online interactive quest has a competitive advantage as the digital art form. It can become an independent sustainable online platform that would list a number of Online Interactive Quests designed by Papaya Stories and other arts organisations and collectives, available to be purchased by a small group of people (10-15) and accessed at various times in New Zealand and beyond.

Creative opportunities for collaboration or partnership are endless. Contact our team to discuss it further: email us papayastories@gmail.com // call on Yana Kirakovskaya (Creative Director) on 022 438 78 06 or get in touch via ZOOM 😉


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