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Secret Party Quest 2021

Alice in the Wonderland Edition.

June 9, 2021 / developer / 0 comments

Papaya Stories is excited to join the Elemental AKL 2021. Our company has been with the Festival since its first year.
In 2019 and presented a brand new Silent Disco Citywalk® Glow in the Dark that was a sold-out show in instant.

In 2020 together with Elemental AKL we surfed along the waves of changes and presented new projects – Silent Disco Citywalk® Glen Innes Edition and Golden 20s event that we run in partnership with Windsor Hotel.

2021 seems the right time to experiment, play with new ideas and collaborate with awesome people. This is why we are super excited to present you a brand new original concept – Secret Party Quest as a part of Elemental AKL 2021.

Secret Party Quest by Papaya Stories as a part of the Elemental AKL

If you like surprises, then this is the party for you. But instead of being told to meet at a specific time and place, for this Secret Party, you’ll discover the location as you go – just like a treasure hunt, but the treasure is the party.

This little escapade will also serve as a reminder that life isn’t just about the destination, it’s the journey.

This Secret Party Quest was inspired by the Alice in the Wonderland theme. King of Hearts met them at the start of the journey to give a map with clues and riddles that guests need to guess during their 15-20 min self-guided journey. Not only they need to find out the secret party venue’s name but also collect letters for the password to unlock the door for the Secret Party.

Secret Party Quest by Papaya Stories Secret Party Quest They took a tumble down a rabbit hole, moving from one location to another, observing, collecting clues, and interacting with everyday and whimsical objects as they detect the party destination.

Solving riddles, thinking face

Clues on the wall Secret Party Quest Secret Party Quest group discussion

Over 150 people were able to find the secret door to the party, where they could witness a Silent Disco DJ battle and dance to pop-up live bands performance.  Every hour we had a new a surprise live band performing for 15-20 minutes dance sessions.

Secret Party Quest Elemental AKL Festival

a lady enjoys the music and silent disco Secret Party Silent Disco Silent Disco Party by Papaya Stories Silent Disco Party New Zealand

At the secret party everyone was invited to meet, greet with the royal bow our special guest – Queen of Hearts.

The Queen was moody on that day, so she fired her favourite artists left and right. Therefore our guests were invited to channel their drawing talent and do live drawings of the Queen for a chance to win a complimentary drink on the house.

Everyone had a blast at our first Secret Party Quest that took place somewhere in Auckland Central.

Drawing Room at the Secret Party Quest Live painting session at the Secret Party Quest Queen of Hearts Drag Queen at the Secret Party Queen of Hearts Secret Party Auckland

The Secret Party Quest is a great team-buidiling and option to celebrate the Christmas function. With various levels of personalisation – from the theme, party location and quest difficulty, turn your team gathering into an immersive celebration full of mystery and fun for your team / corporate group. 

We look forward to organising more bespoke high-end experiences be it for your private party or team-building or corporate celebration. Click here to get in touch with our team to talk further or click here to view our services.

Secret Party Quest

Secret Party Quest logo by Papaya Stories

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