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Silent Disco City Clean Up

A fun sustainable activity for everyone to enjoy

June 3, 2021 / developer / 0 comments

Silent Disco City Clean Up is a meaningful experience brought by Papaya Stories that combines beautifying our natural spaces while dancing to some cool beats and connecting with the community through the power of music.

Whether you’re looking for a team-building activity, a school holiday program, or just a fun way to give back to your community, Silent Disco City Clean Up is the perfect choice! 

silent disco clean up by papaya stories

What is Silent Disco City Clean Up?

Silent Disco City Clean Up is a 60-minute sustainable and mindful, yet super fun musical activity that combines an award-winning Silent Disco Citywalk® and a good old clean-up followed by a 30-minute guided meditation.

From parks to streets and everything in between, we’ll transform any space into a beautiful, tidy spot and keep the groove alive with up to 3 personalized music playlists you can choose.

dancing and picking up rubbish at silent disco clean up

family-friendly silent disco city clean up

Silent Disco Clean Up is a great way to get some exercise, have fun, and do something good for the environment all at the same time.

Group size: 10 – 25ppl
Length: 90 minutes
Price: starts from $500 + GST for a group of 15 ppl

papaya stories crew dancing with people on a silent disco city clean up

a group of happy people at silent disco city clean up

Share your passion for our beautiful surroundings and shake your regular get-together up a little bit! Let Papaya Stories bring the feel-good energy in. We offer a variety of packages that can be easily customized depending on your occasion. 



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