Lockdown is back, but so are we

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August 27, 2021 / developer / 0 comments

Guess, who is back? The new Lockdown season has been out now for more than a week. COVID19 Delta Edition caught everyone by surprise, spreading not only virus but uncertainty, locking humans inside the panic rooms of their minds. Thousands of people are glued to the screens, watching a mysterious thriller unfold in front of their eyes.

There is no way to deny the COVID19 power, however, it is here to remind us about our own superpowers.

Every day we can connect deeper with inner strength, a sense of joy, and inspiration. And this is what Papaya Stories Bubble invites you to do. Let’s unlock the door to joy with Lockdown Online Event Series – a weekly package of goodness, fun, and engaging activities that are meant to energise the body, invigorate the soul and calm the monkey mind. 

Papaya Stories Team Dance, Play, Make things

Every week we introduce a new schedule full of new and exciting activities.

Our next events week is dedicated to Guy Ritchie who has a birthday on 10th September. I know you say why celebrate him? When you can celebrate my friends?!? This is right 😉 Let’s celebrate them too and come up with a bday party for someone outside of your bubble, hit us up via email papayastories@gmail.com so we can organize a very special virtual party…maybe even a virtual surprise birthday party during Lockdown. Okay, sorry for being carried. Back to Guy Ritchie and our events week! 

Lockdown Online Events Series 6 – 12 September is dedicated to Guy Ritchie and his creativity.
Check out the weekly calendar below. Share the calendar with your friends and colleagues, or download it below.

I know you may think that it is a random guy to be celebrated and we get it. But his movies, British sense of humour are pretty awesome that inspire our creative flow, dance routines, and story plot for the upcoming online gameeeeeee!!

lockdown fun events by papayas stories

Print the calendar and place it on your fridge, next to your bed, or home desk.
Spaces to our ZOOM classes are limited to 15-20 people per class, 50 people per online game.
To take part please be sure to book your tickets by clicking the “buy tickets” button.


Mon 6 September 5.30pm –  40min Online Dance Class with Alina. $5 per online ticket – BOOK NOW
Guy Ritchie was married to Madonna, so we will get inspired by that pop diva on Monday
Learn the dance routine from the music video “Holiday” by Madonna, join the class.

Fri 10 September 5.30pm40min Online Dance Class with Alina. $5 per online ticket – BOOK NOW
Celebrating Guy Ritchie’s Birthday and getting inspired by the original movie soundtrack
We are going to learn the choreography for the song “RockNRoll Queen”, join the class

Sat 11 September 7.30pm  – online interactive game “Escape Room Zoom” $15 per ticket – BOOK NOW
Travel from one ZOOM room to another to collect clues, password to unlock the Final Zoom Room, and get a prize!

New story, new characters, new surprises! Check out the game rules here.
Spaces are limited, don’t miss out! get your ticket now! 

Sun 12 September 2 pm – 30min Online Craft Class with Anya. $5 per online ticket – BOOK NOW

This time we bring you a dream, a TREE DREAM that will inspire a different outlook on life

We are here to provide love, support, and inspiration, however, during these uncertain times our small team would appreciate your support and Koha. Please feel free to transfer at the bank account below.
ASB Bank / Papaya Stories Ltd
include your name as a reference, so we can thank you personally 😉