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Escape Room Zoom

A team-building for the international teams!

September 21, 2021 / developer / 0 comments

Working remotely and maintaining personal and team wellbeing,  staying on top of your professional game is an additional challenge during Lockdown. Papaya Stories created an original online game called Escape Room Zoom to provide a creative and uplifting virtual escape for you and your team.

Initially designed to keep the teams engaged and connected throughout the Lockdown, Escape Room Zoomis a perfect team-building tool for the companies that experience the long distance relationships within their teams. Help your employees to feel better and more connected with each other, build the bridges between countries by transforming the ordinary ZOOM meeting into one of a kind immersive game-theatre experience.

Escape Room Zoom a one-hour online interactive live show built on the power of interactive storytelling available to up to 50 participants. The goal of the game is to Unlock the Final ZOOM Room. To do so participants travel from one virtual room zoom to another, meet game characters in order to collect clues (missing numbers), figure out the password.

To play a game, book one of the existing game scenarios from below.

Curious about the bespoke packages and storyline designed for your team?
We are happy to help out and design a brand new experience based on your brief.
Personalised Escape Room Zoom packages start from $2,500 + GST.
Click here to inquire about creating a new storyline or game journey based on your ideas, team, or company you are working


5 game characters aka 5 actors
from $1050 + GST

Click here or watch the game trailer below

The story of the game takes place in Italy. At the start of the game, you will be asked to choose one of the mafia clans – Sicilian Mafia led by Paolo La Barba, and Neapoli Mafia led by Guiseppe L’uomo.  Then you will meet characters who share their piece of the story, clues, and password, so later you can unlock the final ZOOM room!

Get ready to be immersed into the game and take part in the endless battle between pizza or pasta fans, in other words, the battle between Guiseppe and Paolo. And who knows maybe YOU will be the one who would bring peace and resolve this Italian crime drama?!?

Ready to play?!  Click here to book now.


7 game characters aka live actors
from $1250 + GST

Click here or watch the game trailer below

The game story is inspired by Guy Ritchie movies, such as Lock, Stock & two smoking barrels, Snatch, RockNRolla, & the Gentlemen.  Two clans, “Movers and Shakers” and “Kalashnikov Incorporated”, lost important gang players as they didn’t get vaccinated on time. During uncertain times clans come together and rely on each other’s network and resources. So they put this online game together to find a new kiwi gem, recruit a new badass asset from New Zealand.

Are you going to be the first one who will unlock the Final ZOOM Room?

Then get ready to play!

Ready to play?!  Click here to book now.

Once the booking is processed, we will be able to send you the detailed game rules and video instructions.


“Didn’t expect it to be so entertaining and enjoyable. It was amusing to watch the development of the relationship between some of the characters. It also felt like you were a part of a play and could influence the hosts’ lines. The quest itself was brain-tickling and interesting. Highly recommend it!” – Katherine Brook

“I had a great time taking part in the quest evening. It was quirky, charming, and light-hearted fun put together creatively. Well done and thank you.” – Guy Campbell

“This online quest was fun, dynamic, and really really cool. I was impressed by the quality of how it was organised. All actors were so realistic, charismatic, totally in their roles, so well prepared. The logic of the game was super smart and innovative, I haven’t heard anyone doing this thing! I would definitely recommend it to everyone and would love to participate in more online (or live) quests like that.” – Tanya Perova

Win or lose, everyone is going to have a good time. Real-time performances, engaging characters, and the storyline keep everyone entertained throughout the virtual experience. For more information or booking, please email us – papayastories@gmail.com or call Yana on 0224387806 to discuss it further.

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