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Groovy Beach Series

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January 20, 2022 / developer / 0 comments

Groovy Beach Series is a perfect escape for local communities to enjoy. Transform a local beach into a cool destination for play, adventures, dance and music. We have two major kind of grooves. One is suitable for an early moves and shakers and it is called Rise and Shine. Another option Sunset Groove is suitable for everyone who enjoys a bit of groove after the working day  to dance off the stress.  Salute or say goodbye to the sun in a great company and get a boost of energy, positivity and joy.

Rise & Shine Group Packages

Can’t see any Rise & Shine sessions that suit your schedule or location? Don’t worry, book a Rise & Shine groovy packages for your group, we’d need at least 10 people to come to you. Organise your group, pick a place (beach), date and time. Then get in touch with Yana via email: info@silentdisco-citywalk.com to place that booking. Or click here and use this online form to place your online inquiry.  Please note that we have different rates for corporate and private packages.


Rise and Shine is a morning 1hour groovy beach session, caffeine-free boost of energy, positivity and joy. Saluting to the sun while dancing on your local beach is one of the cool things about this idea. You don’t need to travel far to enjoy the sunrise dance on the beach by yourself.

with your bubble

and even with your doggo. Dogs seem to be love our music playlists and event vibe too.

To make it even more interesting and special we offer you to switch between two music channels and find your dance mood. You can tune in the electronic / afro house and Ibiza vibe; or go with something more familiar, like Michael Jackson, James Brown, Nelly Furtado that are placed under the second music channel and belong to the World Greatest Hits category. But there are also times when we create an exclusive music playlist just for your group full of your favourite songs.

Get in touch to inquire about that.

We also ensure our sessions are safe, are conducted with the COVID19 guidelines, therefore we ask you to sign in on arrival and choose your dance zone to keep the physical distancing from other movers and shakers.

At the dance session you will find a dance sandy spot and a set of headphones. We kick off each session with a guided slow and gentle stretch followed by a silent disco, when you can choose your own groove by switching between two music channels.

Jumping into refreshing waters after the dance session is optional, we encourage you to bring your togs and towels with you. Just in case. You never know. You might even surprise yourself.

Photography by Sacha ASK  

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