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Silent Disco Kids Adventures

30 min interactive play sessions for young and young at heart

May 5, 2022 / developer / 3 comments

Silent Disco Kids Adventure by Papaya Stories is a popular fun activity for children of any ages that is based on a certain story and theme, features an awesome soundtrack as well as the line up of themed activities, games and dance that are great for personal development, children’s imagination, boosting creativity, confidence and out of the box thinking.

Our first Silent Disco Kids Adventure was created as a part of the Auckland Council’s Christmas in the Park December Event Series. That event session with Good and Naughty Elves had a phenomenal success. Children were hooked. Each play session could only host up to 25 people, so we ended up having a line of  curious children who waited to travel to the imaginary North Pole and those who wanted to it all over again.

Silent Disco Kids Games

As we continued to take to take part in other festivals (Diwali Festival,  Kauri Carnival Festivals) and introduce other stories and adventures into the mix, we understood that we can use the power of immersive storytelling not only for children to enjoy, but for educational purposes too. We used the interactive narrative to provide an alternative style of learning to teach children about biology, eco systems, physics, shares other scientific knowledge in a new engaging way.

Therefore we are passionate about working closely with schools, educational centres and kids groups to design the Silent Disco Kids Adventures that represent a unique way of learning and helps them to apply the everyday knowledge though a lens of interactive narrative and audio story.

Silent Disco Kids Adventures NZ


Silent Disco Kids Adventures are 30min play, dance and interactive audio session that invites young and young at heart to go on a treasure hunt to find a hidden basket with headphones. Once children put the headphones on, they get immersed into a world of story narrated by one of the characters. Following the pre-recorded or live voice over instructions children become a part of the story, take part in themed games, fun activities and even dance battles. 

Silent Disco Fun Dancing in New Zealand


We also design fun themed adventures that are inspired by kids all time favourite, such as Minecraft Edition and many others.Silent Disco Kids Adventure is a perfect for your kids birthday party or a community event you organising.

Check out the list of themed Silent Disco Kids Adventures available from below:

Silent Disco Kids Adventure – Good vs Bad Elf

Silent Disco Kids Adventure – Amazon Jungle 

Silent Disco Kids Adventures NZ

Silent Disco Kids Adventure – Minecraft

Silent Disco Minecraft

Silent Disco Kids Adventure – Sea Odyssey

Silent Disco Kids Adventures by Papaya Stories
Silent Disco Kids Adventure – Time Travel

Building Tower Community Events Papaya Stories

We are open for partnerships and collaborations. And we are here to tell a new story.

Interested in birthday packages? They start from $250 for 10 – 15ppl. 


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