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Innovative approach to transform the urban spaces into fun inclusive places!

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We turn the city into playground, stage and even dance floor to bring more energy, joy and a sense of connection!

Fuelled by creative storytelling, immersive and experimental arts and positive psychology and strategic approach, we ensure that FUN is an accessible medium in our toolkit.

“The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” –

Marcel Proust

We approach every new brief and challenge with a fresh perspective. We like to pretend to be a tourist in our own city and explore how the fresh perspectives affects our vision and ideas.  We think outside of the box to bring innovative people-centred ideas o life!  We see extraordinary in ordinary. We like to transform spaces into a world  that engage our senses, provide a safe space for solitude, human connection or new friendships.

Peoples faces ceramics Corban Estate Arts Centre

Public spaces are like people. 

Some of them are waiting to be discovered. 

Others prefer to stay away from the public attention. Some places offer an intimate connection like talking to your best friend. 

Other places are loud, spacious and full of colour. They are like party people. Their streets are vibrant and full of action. These places attract people from near and far. 

And finally there are places that are full of grace and age beautifully. They invite you to pause and seize the day. All you want to do is to amplify their beauty.

Through a lens of multi-sensory and multi-media activations we offer an integrated psychology-driven approach while working on the design and implementation of the placemaking activation for a specific place, reserve, town centre or neighbourhood. We believe in a sustainable approach of the ideas that go beyond the brief and unleash the new potential.

Kids outdoor games

Everything you can imagine is real – Pablo Picasso

To make a dream project possible, together we work on an action plan and  follow a three-step process.


Collect the data, do the research to perform a SWAT site-specific analysis that includes examination of the following:
– community and social challenges
– local economy characteristics
– spatial infrastructure context and urban design
– community needs and aspirations


Based on the research results, move forward and provide:
– opportunities for growth or room for social change
– an integrated approach on engaging the local community
– an outline of different strategies and ideas, timings and costs


This is when the real magic happens. And we can’t wait to co-create this magic with you.

We equally love working on the new ideas or modifying some of the cool ideas from the past.

Check out some of the placemaking projects below by clicking the link to get inspired:
– Magic Photo Booth Activation at Khartoum Place, Auckland CBD
– Random Act of Kindness at Catherine Plaza, Henderson
– Slumber Party at Te Puna Village, Henderson
– Giant Orange Book of Inspiration: Support Local, Panmure & Glen Innes 
– Hidden Gems Trail
– Family Tree, Wynyard Quarter
– Stress-Free Zone in the Japanese Garden
– Christmas Advent Calendar Game via Goosechase App

Get in touch with our team today, email us papayastories@gmail.com 

Placemaking by Papaya Stories

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