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Secret Party Quest

Venetian Masquerade Edition

October 28, 2022 / developer / 0 comments

What is Secret Party Quest?

Well, it is a mystery that unfolds before your very eyes. A quest that leads you towards a magical themed party the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

And, this year as a part of Elemental AKL Papaya Stories invited you to join the Venetian Masquerade!

To find a way to the party our guests needed to go on a quest. Each player was handed the envelope with instructions related to one of the game and story characters –  Jester, Duchess, Casanova, Fortune Teller and Versaceville.

Quests at the Secret party Game Character Instructions

In an entertaining company of the Quest Host they all turned Auckland streets into imaginary Venetian canals, solved riddles together to find their way to the secret party. Guests really got into the adventurous mood as they got so into guessing the password for the secret room, where an extraordinary private session would take place.

Quest Host Sylvia Philcox

Secret Party Quest by Papaya StoriesSolving RiddlesTunnel in the city mystery solving riddles at the secret party quest

Once at the party our guests were invited to enjoy the Venetian kaleidoscope of performances and surprises unfolding in front of their eyes.

Enjoying a glass of bubbly and magic potions created by our Fortune Teller, our guests were immersed into the arty space of Versaceville. Some of them got lost in the moment as they were taking part in the masterclass and creating a unique Venetian Mask to suit their look and character card. 

Quests the Secret Party making arty masks Make your own mask workshop people are smiling

After glamourising their fashion look, our guests were ready to find their way to the Red Room – a kingdom of passion ruled by Casanova and his appetite for having a good time

Secret Party Auckland

Each hour DJ Casanova played a themed music set. Throughout the night he played the seduction set followed by rebel,  jealousy and finishing on the upbeat tunes to celebrate life and love no matter what. It was a true a musical release and rollercoaster.

DJ Casanova by Dan Cassidy

People Dancing in a circle - Carnival Night Auckland

The Red Room is where the intricate story of the characters came alive.

Our guests were invited to take part in themed games and try fun challenges for their chance to win the access to the Secret Room.

A man wearing a Venetian mask with the candle playing games in the dark room Red Room and the Party Host Yana Kirakovskaya

The Red Room was full of lust, desire and passion, where eventually we all became witnesses of the love triangle between Casanova, Duchess and Jester.

As the night unfolded, it became crystal clear that no one even Casanova, could beat the synergy and chemistry that unfolded between Duchess and Jester. 

Watching that  magnetic rebellious duo up in the air was a spectacular way to finish off our Venetian Masquerade Secret Party! 

Jester and Duchess love Story Black Cat Productions Aeriel Performers

The event was phenomenal and we can’t thank enough each of you who came along to experience one-of-a-kind Secret Party Quest as a part of the Elemental AKL. Special thanks goes to the cast & crew who made this wild idea alive:

Events Production & Concept Development:
Art Direction, Production and MC – Yana Kirakovskaya
Quest Logic Development – Anya Egorova
Quest Story, Promotional Photographs – Katherine Brook

Quest Hosts:
Sylvia Philcox
Leonato Rex
Vlad Tichen

Party Entertainment:
Casanova – Dan Cassidy
Duchess & Jester aeriel performers – Black Cat Productions
Versaceville – Leela Bhai
Versaceville’s assistant – Lana Budner
Harpist – Lana Breed
Secret Room Keeper – Shiva Prasad
Fortune Teller – Sheena
Events Photography – Hannah Baker

Now it’s also a perfect time to plan your corporate Christmas function or team-building exercise. And Secret Party Quest is a great option to consider. With various levels of personalisation – from the theme, party location and quest difficulty, turn your team gathering into an immersive celebration full of mystery and fun for your team / corporate group. 

We look forward to organising more bespoke high-end experiences be it for your private party or team-building or corporate celebration. Click here to get in touch with our team to talk further or click here to view our services.

Secret Party Quest

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