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Art of Dreaming.

The relaxing immersive experience that celebrates pre-sleep rituals.

January 16, 2020 / developer / 0 comments

A good night’s sleep is vital for our health and happiness – and there’s now a vast choice of gadgets, apps and treatments on hand to help us drift into the arms of Morpheus. Despite the abundance of resources how good are we at maintaining the balance and enjoying quiet “Me Time” before bedtime. How good are we at saying “No” to the social media after hours?

In the Art of Dreaming immersive experience we celebrate the nighttime as the given time to recharge, let go and connect to our true essence. It’s the time to let go of daytime worries and fall in love with dreams that eventually manifest as the reality.

What this experience is about?

Inspired by Max Richter Sleep Concert and Sydney-based therapy Indigo Project, The Art of Dreaming brings education and inspiration into every room, library and public space to promote a good night sleep. The first part of the workshop will be educational. We would like to satisfy our anxious minds first and provide the brain with some research and information. We will dig into the neuroscience part of the story to understand why it is important to calm ours mind with soothing practices before bed instead of energising it with “Ozark” action on Netflix.

“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.”― Homer, The Odyssey

The second half of the experience is dedicated to the pastel colours of our soul. It is tailored around good night favourites and is supposed to take you back into your childhood. Remember the time when somebody would sing a sweet lullaby into your ear or read a book before bed. Well, we are going to do it all over again.

Art of Dreaming Workshop

Starting with the calm breathing session to the soundtrack of the acoustic lullabies (“Dream a little Dream of Me”sort of thing) and chai tea, we invite you to finish off the day with practicing gratitude and then writing a “dream letter” that describes one of our wildest wishes or goals. We place that “dream letter” under the pillow. Then comes the perfect time for the guided visualisation exercise. And finally we will move into 30-min bedtime story session. And this creative and engaging ritual can be performed in two ways.

  1. You can tune in to the Audible piece through headphones. Each participant will be able to choose a bedtime story from three kids stories by switching between three audio channels on the headphones.
  2.  You can listening a guest storyteller, NZ artist or writer reading it out loud. Each participant will be able to choose a bedtime story from three kids stories by switching between three audio channels on the headphones.

This unique relaxing and immersive experience can be equally enjoyed by the whole family, couples, friends, relatives or individuals of all ages. Why? Because the bedtime magic is for everyone.


Duration: 2-2.30hrs
Min number of participants: 5
Max number of participants: 50
Audience: All ages are welcome
Location: indoor locations or outdoor locations at the summer time only
Supplies by Papaya Stories:
Depending on the location, you might want to bring your own: 
pillow, yoga mat, eye mask

Art of dreaming workshop is available Auckland and nationwide in New Zealand at extra travel / accomodation costs

Booking Requirements: Allow a ONE-week notice before booking the workshop

The workshop is curated by a founder of Papaya Stories, storyteller and arts practitioner Yana Kirakovskaya, photographer Katherine Brook, illustrator and events organiser Toma Lo.

Cost: starts at $300 (for 5 people)

Sounds like a workshop you would like to attend or organise? Book it now!
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