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Top 3 events for your team

Make the most of the team-building experience this summer!

Silent Disco Citywalk NZ Music Month 2023

NZ Music Month

Bespoke Silent Disco Citywalks® celebrating kiwi music

kids on an eye on nature session drawing map of the future

Eye on Nature 2023

Immersive school programme

Expanding horizons

Silent Disco Citywalk™ made it to Invercargill

Secret Party Quest 2022

Secret Party Quest

Venetian Masquerade Edition

Yana Kirakovskaya Public Speaker

Green Pavlova 2022

Papaya Stories: The World of Infinite Game

SlumberParty-by Papaya Stories Henderson Sloth and Sculpture

Slumber Party

as a part of Auckland Arts Festival 2022

Christmas Advent Calendar Game

Play and explore via the Goosechase app

what to do during lockdown 2020 in New Zealand

Lockdown is back, but so are we

Click here to join Lockdown Online Events Series 2021

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