Dancer, Choreographer, Events Assistant

Tatsiana Paliakova


Papaya Stories is a creative, supportive and non-judgmental platform of freedom where everyone can be themselves, can feel welcomed, free, and unstoppable in their ideas, imagination and actions with good purpose! My intention here is to remind everyone that they are unique and wonderful. I believe that every single person is able to improve our world in their many own ways. We are born to this environment with enough courage and power to do that!

My passion - my DANCING - is my way to express myself, my feelings and emotions when words are insufficient. By far, dance is the instrument for us to show the world who we truly are and who we can be. Through dancing I would like to engage person’s heart as a muscle and a soul, if person wants to be either a participant or a spectator. I would like to collaborate and encourage people to get together and enjoy the moments of movements; there is no room for comparison, competition or judgment in our Papaya Stories community because we are all in this together and we all love to have fun too!

What does inspire me? God’s Creation: the power of nature, people, dreams and love. Inspiration is everywhere! For me, to reach out inspiration means to slow down and enjoy the beauty, order and harmony. I love to step back sometimes and simply observe life around me in every detail: the fascination and scent of flowers, birds singing, and playful sunlight through the leaves of trees. I like to stare at things and people, by not turning on the “creep” radar ha-ha: watch kids playing with each other, or a couple who enjoys picnic at the beach, man walking his dog, how people drive or behave – try to stop and observe, believe me, it could be an absolutely fascinating exercise.  

The list of things I love could be an endless one. First and foremost, I love God, I love life and I love people. I love my family and friends, I love free things like: air, water, wind, smiles and lots of laughs he-he-he, kisses and hugs, I love chasing dusks and dawns, and birds too. I love being active, go on adventures, spontaneous positive things and pleasant surprises; I love being silly, dance, sing and jump around, play funny games and act like a kid from time to time. I love my own space as well, my home, good books and movies, quiet day or evening times with a cup of tea and a delicious block of CHOCOLATE

[Dramatic drum roll] Things I don’t like: I don’t like when people are constantly on their phones, when people complain a lot, nationality stereotypes, insincerity, irresponsibility and mess. Less serious: when I feel cold, electric blanket please! Bugs, especially cockroaches – ick! Also, beetroot in a burger! - Really? When my headphones’ battery dies when I do a workout!

Dream interview: Interview with gorgeous Misty Copeland - the first African American Female Principal Dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. And one of my favorite British chef and restaurateur from childhood – Jamie Oliver.

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