Body Nonsense.

Movement and dance workshop that connects Mind, Body and Soul.

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Did you know that repressed emotions affect your physical and mental health? The research proves that. There are a number of things that you can do to make you feel better. See a counsellor or talk to your best friend. Use your phone as the best friend and record yourself talking about stressful event or write this down. However, you can also choose a different therapy. Let your body speak. As a part of creative workshop series we created a Dance and Movement Workshop called Body Nonsense that is suitable to various age groups around Auckland and beyond.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.” ― Martha Graham

Body Nonsense Concept

The idea of the dance workshop is to connect people to their feelings and emotions through body movement. We would like to show people how to translate negative and positive experiences into a dance flow. Move, process and let things go.

The workshop is run by a movement practitioner, yogi, creator of Silent Disco Citywalk, Yana Kirakovskaya. It is extra magical because it is with the help of wireless headphones that makes it easy for people to connect within the group. The voice guidance and the musical soundtrack help participants to get immersed in their own world with ease.

Dance Therapy with wireless headphones Auckland

The Workshop Structure

The dance workshop starts with a 10 minutes breathing session that helps to calm mind and relax the whole body. It is followed by the six senses mindfulness exercises that are drawn to activate and recharge each of the human’s senses – eyesight, hearing, touch, smell, flavour and intuition.

Then we move into the movement and self-expression session where everyone in the group will be using the headphones. During this part the participants  listen to the vocal guidance and perform different exercise individually and in small groups. For example, there is an exercise where you play with various postures in the space and observe how it affects the emotions and feelings; there is an activity where participants listen to the soundtrack of the song and choose a nature element that they will embody and etc.

The movement session finishes off with a connecting exercise that brings the whole group together. It starts with one or a few people dancing in the middle, eventually it attracts other people to join the group and connect with each other through dance moves.

The workshop finishes with a 10-minute stretching session followed by korero.

Dance and movement workshop in Auckland with headphones


Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Min number of participants: 5
Max number of participants: 25
Audience: all ages are welcome

outdoor or indoor (depends on the weather)
Dance & movement workshop is available Auckland and nationwide in New Zealand at extra travel / accomodation costs.

Booking Requirements: Allow a ONE-week notice before booking the workshop
The workshop is curated by a founder of Papaya Stories, creator of Silent Disco Citywalk, arts practitioner and yogi Yana Kirakovskaya

Cost: $450 – $650 that also includes the cost for wireless headphones and additional equipment

Sounds like a beautiful workshop to explore and organise? Book it now!
Email to papayastories@gmail.com to inquire more info about the workshop or place your booking.

Dance and be free a workshop in Auckland and New Zealand