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Whether you are dreaming of the Oscar or simply want to learn how to express yourself freely – acting therapy is your answer. We live in the world where we are programmed to behave the certain way, show only our best qualities and smile in the face of fear. Boys are told that crying makes them weak, girls are chasing beauty standards and forever anxious about their looks. In the world where everyone tries to be perfect and afraid to be different, how will we learn to be okay with who we truly are? How will we step towards accepting ourselves at our worst – when we feel lonely, lost, ashamed or angry?

Where do we start? Find your creative fuel. Our portfolio of creative and personal development workshops is here to inspire you.

Who knows maybe drama classes can become a vessel that holds your true essence from within. Acting empowers to speak your truth. By putting a mask of a character you stop feeling like an old familiar self, but rather give yourself permission to showcase unwanted side of yours in front of others. And that’s where the magic and healing lies. Instead of forcing yourself to act in a certain way you let yourself be and that’s a good place to start.

Upcoming workshops

FREE workshop, Te Manawa
2-4 PM Act it Out
All levels are welcome, 12+
As a part of Pride Festival
Pre-booking required. Click here to sign up now!

Workshop Structure 

The workshop starts with a creative fun warm up, a couple of easy-going exercises and games that can be performed in small groups. Later we deepen our work with social improv exercises that inspire participants to show different personalities qualities, express emotions freely in a safe environment. As we are going to put various social hats we invite to explore and expand participants’ emotional intelligence vocabulary, develop life skills, learn how to cope with stress and improve communication skills.

Acting therapy and Social Improv Workshop Auckland

Reduce the life drama by being a drama queen in the class.  Channeling negative experiences and releasing them during the class helps to neutralise the affect of that issue in life. Inspired by real scenarios acting offers you multiple ways of how you can respond to conflicts, misunderstanding and hard conversations. And that’s a great skill to learn.  The workshop will inspire to show up in real life and not being afraid of having hard conversations.

Using social improv exercises and fun drama games we are going to explore the human nature, learn to listen to impulses and making creative choices, develop empathy and learn how to listen to the voice of our inner coach.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. ― William Shakespeare

The list of workshop drama games contains some of the following exercises:

–  Charade

–  Learn from TV – take TV examples with conflicts and drama, re-enact them in real life and coming up with

alternative ways of addressing them by changing the lines

–  Associations game – playing in small groups

–  Re-enact a famous movie scene in various genres – for example, scene from Batman movie as soap opera,

drama, Shakespeare theatre, musical and etc.

–  Laughing therapy

–  “Thank God, you are here!” improv game

Let your feelings do the talking


Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Min number of participants: 5
Max number of participants: 25
Audience: all ages are welcome. No previous acting experience is required.

indoor locations and studios preferable
Acting workshop is available Auckland and nationwide in New Zealand at extra travel / accomodation costs.

Booking Requirements: Allow a ONE-week notice before booking the workshop
The workshop is curated by a founder of Papaya Stories, creator of Silent Disco Citywalk, arts practitioner Yana Kirakovskaya

Cost: $450 – $650 for the whole group

Sounds like a creative workshop you would like to explore and organise? Book it now!
Email to papayastories@gmail.com to inquire more info about the workshop or place your booking.

Featured photoshoot is taken from TV Series Kominsky Method (by the way we highly recommend to check out those series).