Fall in love with YourSelfie.

The workshop to learn about self-acceptance through photography.

November 1, 2019 / Yana Papaya / 0 comments

At Papaya Stories we love to explore the themes of self-love and self-acceptance widely, madly and deeply. Why? Because they lie at the core when we talk about self-worth that drives our decisions in life. We’ve launched a series of creative wellbeing workshops available in Auckland and nationwide in New Zealand that can help everyone to learn more about the essence of the self-love and understand what this process is like through a lens of creative outlets and practices.

The modern world is buzzing with the concept of self-acceptance. You can read as many self-help books as you like. You can scroll through instagram posts of celebrities who talk about self-love on left and right. But is it actually going to help you to leave your life differently? I doubt that. You can’t borrow someone’s rules and apply them to your life. You have to develop yours and it takes time. Self-love takes time too. Let’s explore this theme together.

Move from I hate my body to I love my body - photography workshop in Auckland

Fall In Love With YourSelfie – Concept

This creative workshop is curated by Katherine Brook @kboook, Auckland-based portrait and wedding photographer. It explores how the social media and the selfie phenomenon affects our body image and self-esteem, how we can go on a transition from “i don’t like this person” to “i accept myself wholeheartedly.  The creative workshop helps to develop new photography skills that are useful to discover your hidden beauty and love marks.  You’ll shift the perception about your looks and start the journey towards the authentic self.

The idea is to inspire people to accept themselves through self-portraits. When you look in the mirror you only see a tiny part of yourself. There is no person in the world who loves their reflection fully. We all notice our flaws before we see our beauty. This workshop helps people to see themselves from different angles and grow an ability to see their own beauty where it is least expected. It is also about a great (and very handy) ability to learn how not to take yourself too seriously. Human’s body is quite weird if you look from a cat’s perspective!

Workshops stages and exercises:
⁃ working with a mirror
⁃ learning about light and angles
⁃ exchanging experience with others (exercises in small groups) ⁃ exploring the beauty of flaws. The perks of being YOUnique
⁃ home work (a little photo project about yourself)

Portrait Photography Workshop in Auckland


Duration: 2-3 hours with a follow-up meeting in a month
Min number of participants: 6
Max number of participants: 16
Audience: can be easily customised for various age groups but very popular among the youth groups
creative workshop is available Auckland and nationwide in New Zealand at extra travel / accomodation costs.
Workshop requirements: projector, spacious place with the access to the natural light

Booking Timings: Allow a TWO-weeks notice before booking the workshop
The workshop is curated by a professional portrait, wedding photographer Katherine Brook
Cost: $950 – $1,150

Sounds like an interesting creative workshop to explore and organise? Book it now!
Email to papayastories@gmail.com to inquire about the workshop or place your booking.