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Glow In The Dark Costume Ideas.

Silent Disco Citywalk 5 July.

June 5, 2019 / developer / 0 comments

For those who are coming along to our super duper outdoor party Silent Disco Citywalk Glow In the Dark Edition (SOLD OUT)  that Papaya Stories is pulling together as a part of Elemental AKL Festival, we are here to offer you some costume ideas that you can fulfil in your outfit.

You might  really dig the DIY game, design your own outfit for the winter outing.

Or you can add some bits and pieces that will make you seen in the Glow In The Dark night whether getting it from the Warehouse stationery or getting some stuff online.

Check out the Glowproducts.com website where you can find glow stick and light up products for the after dark activities!

Glow in the Dark Masks from Ebay.

Plastic 3D Stars Glow In The Dark Luminous Fluorescent Stickers

Glowing In The Dark Sneakers 

Glowing In The Dark Headband

Glow In The Dark Paint

Check out our Pinterest Board with more Glow In The Dark Ideas.

Inspiring Stories