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February 13, 2016 / Yana Papaya / 0 comments

St. Valentine’s Day? Oh yes, it’s coming.

Everyone talks about it.

Every brand adapts their proactive campaigns to make couples buy special gifts for each other.

Everyone is going crazy about heart-shapes.

We somehow go crazy too, but slightly in a different way, followed by a natural creative flow.
However, we believe that we don’t need only One day per year to manifest Love. We need to share and practice Love every single day. Self-love to start with.

However, we are also keen to stay up to with a theme, so we won’t ignore an upcoming official calendar day of Love. 

We have decided to dedicate our Visual Poetry sessions to St. Valentine’s Day and present you some love poems.

The first one is a famous beautiful poem “I Carry Your Heart” by E.E. Cummings read and performed by Yana Papaya.

The second Russian poem is a beautiful self-piece, a poem “St-Petersburg and Moscow” that was written and performed by Greg (@justgregb)

Hope you will enjoy.


If you are one of those who likes to celebrate love in an extraordinary way, do something special for your loved ones, surprise them with a spontaneous date somewhere in the city, get in touch with us as we have a couple of best love ideas for couples. 
We love storytelling. We love creating stories. We love visual art and mixing different genres together. We love expressing creative potential of each individual’s we come across.

Get in touch with us via email (papayastories@gmail.com) if you would like us to create a video of yourself reading your favourite piece. Alternatively feel free to create a video of your own and send us a link or a file, so we can share it.

Let’s unleash creative potential together..! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Inspiring Stories

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